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Bainbridge Christian Church

402 South Washington Street

Bainbridge, IN 46105

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Turkish World Outreach
Crossover Communications International

​Bainbridge Christian Church supports the mission of Turkish World Outreach, which merged with Crossover Communications International in 2013, in spreading the Word of God to the Turkic people.

Hanging Rock

Christian Assembly

Bainbridge Christian Church also supports Hanging Rock Christian Assembly's mission to provide opportunities for individuals, families, communities and Churches to establish and strengthen their relationship with Christ. 

Established in 1946, Hanging Rock has provided sixty-seven years of Christian Camping.  Hanging Rock is located in West-Central Indiana along the Wabash River Valley. The camp sits on 208 acres of woodlands with the beautiful Redwood Creek running through the center.  


In addition to its monetary support, BCC has held leadership retreats at H.R.C.A., participated in their annual camp clean-up day, and sent 15 youths to church camp at Hanging Rock just last year.

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